Born and raised in the foothills of Southern Alberta, Canada by a feisty Italian-Irish family, there are a few rules I live by…

That if you have something to say, say it loud and proud.

Care about people. Caring matters.

Trust your gut, always.

Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

And if the boys can do it, so can you.


I was fresh outta University with a shiny new business degree.

My plan? To become a high-power, high-paid corporate lawyer.

YEP – I wanted to argue for a living and, hey, I was damn good at it. I was loud, passionate and opinionated so I thought law school was the perfect place for me.

Afterall, like many kids of the 80’s, I grew up believing there was 1 of a very-limited-number-of-professions I could be.

My twin brother was on his way to Med School, so it only made perfect sense… Except it didn’t.

I had this nagging feeling that becoming a lawyer was not what I was meant to do – despite spending the majority of my life at the point planning to be one.

So I did what any lost and totally confused University grad does in a moment like this. I decided to travel…

BUT I had no money so I moved back into my parents’ basement and started waiting tables (naturally).

While researching jobs overseas I stumbled upon a little startup called Mindvalley…

A few weeks later I had sold my car, quit my job, packed up two giant suitcases and moved across the world from Lethbridge, Alberta to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to accept a job as Mindvalley’s newest customer support intern.

To say that I experienced culture shock would be an understatement. 

I didn’t only have to adjust to tropical weather (a stark contrast from frosty Canadian winters) and new rules and customs, but I was also suddenly dunked headfirst into the world of sales, online marketing AND personal development…

And I caught a serious case of the travel bug — discovering new cities, island-hopping to white sandy beaches, and taking scuba-diving adventures across Asia and beyond.

What was law school again?

I got to meet and work with some of the hottest transformational authors on the planet, network with the giants of the marketing industry and quickly rose through the ranks of the then 8-figure company.


As the Creative Director at Mindvalley, I led the team that launched one of the hottest personal growth brands on the Internet and was part of the executive team that grew the company 3X to more than 8 figures in annual revenue.


In 2011, I was the Event Director of Mindvalley’s iconic personal development event, A-Fest Maui.

Mindvalley had rapidly grown into a leading international personal growth brand and my post-graduate detour had turned into a full-blown passion for marketing and copywriting… 

But as much as I loved my job, that ol’ nagging feeling returned. I knew deep inside that I was meant to do more… 

So armed with the knowledge and skills that I had learned, I quit my job, packed my bags, moved back to Canada to start from scratch… all over again.


I started my freelance business and it wasn’t glamorous.

I had no clients, no income, and no idea how to start a business. I was living in the spare room of a friend’s apartment, sleeping on an air mattress from Walmart and would work morning, noon and night from the dining room table.

Initially, I started out freelancing as a marketing consultant. But over time, my clients kept asking me if I could do copywriting as well. 

Despite spending years learning the craft from old-school copywriting legends, I still didn’t consider myself a copywriter (oh Imposter Syndrome is a real b***).

I’d tell my clients, “Sure, I can write copy for you. But it might not be that good.” 

Except it was… and I started getting referrals. Within a few years, I was making over $300,000 a year as a freelance copywriter…

Because if the boys could do it, so could I.

I worked hard to grow my business and had the privilege of working with some of the top spiritual and personal growth brands — such as, Evolving Wisdom and Motivating The Masses

For 8 years, I helped launch several successful brands and was the driving force behind many multi-million dollar launches…


In 2015, I became the co-host of the Flight Club Mastermind, a high-end private membership event that gathers the world’s leading internet marketing entrepreneurs to share and learn proven strategies and actionable tactics for scaling their business quickly.

Spending time with so many heart-centered and wildly successful business owners, I started to notice a dangerous divide in the industry…

There were businesses out there with empowering messages that were selling products that genuinely helped people…

And then there were the people that gave them a bad rap – the marketers and copywriters who use manipulative, scammy, and severely outdated sales tactics that I just don’t vibe with.

No wonder there are so many misconceptions about copywriting being sleazy selling or something reserved only for Madison Avenue execs writing Super Bowl commercials.

In reality, every business on the planet needs copywriting…

Copywriting that combines proven conversion tactics with the empathic art of connection and positive brand experiences.

I started to notice the internet getting more and more crowded with bad copywriting, so I decided to do something about it. 

I wanted to shake up the marketing world by getting more messages that matter to the masses. I wanted to support businesses that care about people. Because caring matters.

I made it my mission to de-douchify the internet.


If you have something to say, say it loud and proud.

So after nearly a decade of working behind-the-scenes, I decided to start a YouTube channel. 

I hired a small but badass crew of female copywriters to expand my one-woman agency and created a global community called the Copy Posse.  

The goal? To redefine what it means to be a copywriter today, and share the techniques and strategies I’ve used to build a heart-centered 7-figure business from the ground up. 

Experts told me that I would never hit “big numbers” on such a niche topic and that I should talk about more popular stuff like digital marketing and social media instead. But I stuck to my guns… 

I ruffled a few feathers.

My audience began to grow, piquing the attention of aspiring copywriters, hungry creatives, and business owners internationally. 

The more I listened to my followers’ comments, questions, and DMs… the more I realized that I needed to do more for them. 

Many encouraged me to create a program that would dive deep into the specific skills, techniques, and assets that a new copywriter needs to ignite their business.


In 2020, I added an online academy to the Copy Posse brand — the new school of copywriters that teaches you how to craft compelling sales copy by bridging the gap between proven direct response marketing principles and authentic brand storytelling. 

My first program was the Copy Posse Launch Pad, where I distilled everything I had learned in the past 10 years into an 8-week copywriter coaching program. 

Despite running the course through the middle of a global freakin’ pandemic, the results were so overwhelmingly positive from my first Season of students – many of whom are now full-time copywriters. 

Today, the Copy Posse community has grown to over 100,000+ students, subscribers and followers worldwide. All who share a passion for creating community, credibility, and conversions with nothing but powerful and precise wording.

We are dedicated to getting more messages that matter to the masses and supporting brands and businesses that genuinely help people.

So are you in or what?

The right phrase pays,

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